Timber Plus Gum Build-up Remover

Effortlessly Remove Gum Build-Up from Sanding Equipment with Timber Plus by ChemShop NZ in Auckland

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Product Overview

Effortlessly Dissolve Gum Build-Up on Your Sanding Equipment with Timber Plus

Do you struggle with stubborn gum build-up on your sanders, saw blades, sanding belts, planning knives, and machinery? The build-up not only affects the efficiency of your equipment but also leaves a rough finish on your products. Timber Plus, a premium product from ChemShop NZ, provides a solution to your problem.

Features and Benefits

  • Dissolves stubborn gum build-up on sanders, saw blades, sanding belts, and machinery.
  • Fast-acting and efficient formula saves time and effort.
  • Safe to use on a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Leaves no residue and improves the quality of your end products.

Usage Cases

  • Ideal for use in the woodworking and metalworking industries.
  • Suitable for removing gum build-up on sanding equipment and machinery.
  • Can be used on a wide range of materials including wood, metal, and plastic.

Invest in Timber Plus today and take the hassle out of removing gum build-up from your sanding equipment. ChemShop NZ provides a range of top-quality industrial cleaning products to help you keep your workspace running smoothly. Contact us to place an order.


Dilute Timber Plus with 10 parts of water and spray on the sanding belt & equipment. Leave for 2 minutes and hose off with a strong jet of water. Timber Plus can also be used for Concrete cleaning: 1 – 5 parts

Caution: Caution should be exercised when using Timber Plus for detailing around painted areas as this product will damage Deco / Glossy painted surfaces. To prevent that damage water the surface or cover it properly. If damage does occur, appropriate cutting and polishing on most occasions will remove the stain.
A gauge reaction is recommended by diluting
Timber Plus with 10 to 20 parts of water.

Do not use on aluminum equipment.

Dangerous Goods Classification:

Shipping Name: Sodium Hydroxide Solution
Hazard Class: 8
UN Number: UN 1824
Packing Group: II
Hazchem Code: 2R

Note: Courier companies charge an extra fee for handling Dangerous Goods which we must pass on to the customer in addition to the normal delivery charge that applies. There also can be an additional delay by courier companies shipping dangerous goods of 1-2 days over the normal delivery time.

Dangerous goods can not be shipped to Rural Delivery addresses. Please provide any non-RD address for delivery purposes.


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    Quick and easy.

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    Highly recommend.

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    Impressive results, every use.

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    Exceeded all cleaning expectations

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    Great buy!

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    Ultimate satisfaction

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    Cleaned like a charm

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    Exceptional email customer service

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    Impressive quality.

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    Dependable shipping consistently reliable

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    Outstanding email support team

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    The order process was efficient and smooth

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    Speedy shipping

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    Quick email resolutions

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    Superb outcome.

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    My secret to a spotless space.

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Timber Plus Gum Build-up Remover

$329.00 Inc. GST $249.00 Inc. GST
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