Citrus Multi-purpose Cleaner Disinfectant

Citrus Magic: One Cleaner, Endless Possibilities

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Product Overview

Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner: The Ultimate Solution for Your Cleaning Needs

Superior Dilution Ratio of up to 1 : 30 parts water! (Depending on Application)

When it comes to cleaning, our Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner stands out as the top choice. It’s more than just a cleaner; it’s a biodegradable powerhouse, a potent degreaser, and a versatile broad-spectrum disinfectant, all rolled into one convenient product. Let’s delve into the details and see why it’s the perfect solution for your cleaning tasks.

Why Choose Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner?

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Our Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an eco-warrior. It’s biodegradable, making it a planet-friendly choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  • Remarkable Degreasing: Tackling stubborn grease and grime has never been easier. Our organic solvent, infused with carefully blended vegetable oil surfactants, effortlessly cuts through tough grease, leaving surfaces impeccably clean.
  • Comprehensive Disinfection: This cleaner is not just about cleaning; it’s about ensuring hygiene. It’s an effective broad-spectrum disinfectant, leaving your spaces clean and germ-free.
  • Versatile Cleaning: Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner isn’t restricted to a single application. Whether it’s your home, office, or marine equipment, it’s up for the challenge, delivering outstanding results every time.

Discover the Versatility

  • Upholstery: Use it as an upholstery cleaner to refresh your furniture and give it a new lease on life.
  • Floor Cleaning: For your floors, it’s an exceptional floor cleaner that removes even the most stubborn stains.
  • Carpet Care: Don’t stop at upholstery and floors; it’s an ideal carpet and spot cleaner solution for maintaining your carpets’ pristine appearance.
  • Windows Made Sparkling: Your windows will thank you when you use our Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner as an outdoor window cleaner or window washing solution.
  • Rug & Upholstery Cleaning: It’s the ultimate answer for cleaning products for carpets, including rugs and upholstery.
  • Furniture Fabric: For your furniture, it serves as a furniture fabric cleaner, ensuring a fresh, clean look.
  • Cloth Couch & Sofa: Cloth couches and sofas have met their match with our Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner.
  • Vinyl Record Revival: For vinyl records, it’s not just a cleaner; it’s a preservation solution for your cherished collection.

Dilution Ratios (Use as guide only)

Upholstery & Spot Cleaning   1:5
Chrome, Steel & Aluminium   1:5
Concrete Cleaning   1:1
Car Washing (through pressure spray)   1:20
Steam Cleaning   1:20
Carpet Cleaning (through machine)   1:20
Glass Cleaning   1:30
White Board   1:10
Metal Degreasing   1:5
Water Blasting   1:30
Bitumen   1:2
Vinyl Cleaning   1:3

Experience Quick and Effective Cleaning

The quickness and effectiveness of our Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner are astounding. Save time and energy with a product that delivers remarkable results every time you use it.

Make cleaning a breeze with Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Order your bottle today and experience the power of a cleaner that works as hard as you do.


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38 reviews for Citrus Multi-purpose Cleaner Disinfectant
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  1. Killian (verified owner)

    Super effective.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  2. Heath (verified owner)

    Always on point with email replies

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  3. Archer (verified owner)

    High-quality results, every time

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  4. Adan (verified owner)

    Impressed beyond words

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  5. Jesse M (verified owner)

    Great smell. No residue. Cleans well.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  6. Zachary (verified owner)

    Outstanding cleaning, no doubt

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  7. Russell (verified owner)

    Quick & easy checkout experience

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  8. Liam (verified owner)

    Quality you can trust

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  9. Calvin (verified owner)

    Five-star service

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  10. Abraham S (verified owner)

    Works just fine.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  11. Abraham (verified owner)

    Dependable order processing and shipping

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  12. Lowe C (verified owner)

    It’s truly a great sanitizer and disinfectant spray, perfect for my cleaning needs. I use it as an antibacterial spray.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  13. Zachary (verified owner)

    Reliable email support team

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  14. Ezequiel (verified owner)

    Prompt order confirmation and dispatch

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  15. Sienna Price (verified owner)

    My goto all purpose cleaner. It’s not just any multi purpose cleaner. It’s the best multi purpose cleaner in NZ.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  16. Kade (verified owner)

    Works wonders

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  17. Maya C (verified owner)

    Citrus multipurpose cleaner disinfectant is a lifesaver. It’s my go to sanitizer & disinfectant spray for a germ free home

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  18. Layla Parker (verified owner)

    Good product

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  19. Jason (verified owner)

    Cleaning made simple

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  20. Margot H (verified owner)

    This citrus multipurpose cleaner disinfectant is an excellent sanitizer & disinfectant spray for my home & office.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  21. R Watson (verified owner)

    As an all purpose cleaner this product is a gem. It’s a multipurpose cleaner that takes care of every cleaning task.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  22. Mike Lee (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by the versatility of this citrus multipurpose cleaner disinfectant. It’s a true multipurpose cleaner nz households can rely on.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  23. Eden Singh (verified owner)

    No need to clutter your cleaning cabinet. This multi purpose cleaner is all you need. An all rounder all-purpose cleaner disinfectant spray & sanitizer in one.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  24. Joel (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient cleaning solutions

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  25. Daniel (verified owner)

    Good deal!

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  26. Bella K (verified owner)

    Forget about Mr muscle multi-purpose cleaner. Citrus multipurpose cleaner disinfectant is in a league of its own.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  27. Evan (verified owner)

    A cleaner happier home

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  28. C Wilson (verified owner)

    I trust this multi purpose cleaner for my car and home cleaning needs. It’s an all purpose cleaner that never disappoints

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  29. Elroi Levi (verified owner)

    When it comes to an all purpose cleaner for my car rental business I trust no other brand than this. Fast shipping to Silverdale

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  30. Ryland (verified owner)

    Lightning-fast delivery, very satisfied

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  31. Zoe Smith (verified owner)

    Citrus multipurpose cleaner disinfectant is a must have. It’s the best multi-purpose cleaner you’ll find plus it acts as a sanitizer & disinfectant spray. Delivery took 4 days to Gisborne

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  32. Violet Fraser (verified owner)

    This has simplified my cleaning routine in my office. It’s a sanitizer, disinfectant spray & multipurpose cleaner rolled into one.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  33. Bella Moore (verified owner)

    Cleaning has never been easier. This multi purpose cleaner is like magic. An all purpose cleaner that’s also a top notch disinfectant.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  34. Phoebe Gray (verified owner)

    You don’t need a separate sanitizer or disinfectant spray. It does it all effortlessly.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  35. Leah Hensen (verified owner)

    This multi purpose cleaner is a game changer. It outperforms Mr Muscle multi purpose cleaner by a mile.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  36. Stella Hunt (verified owner)

    I use this multipurpose cleaner for everything. From kitchen counters to bathroom tiles. It’s truly an all purpose cleaner. Fast shipping to Cambridge

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  37. Quinn (verified owner)

    Timely email assistance

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  38. Sarah L (verified owner)

    My cleaning arsenal is complete with this multi-purpose cleaner. It’s an all-purpose cleaner that does it all leaving everything spotless & sanitized. Delivery took 3 days to Palmerston North.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1

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Citrus Multi-purpose Cleaner Disinfectant

$89.00 Inc. GST $69.00 Inc. GST
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