Rust Remover Rust Terminator

Effortlessly Eliminate Rust: ChemShop’s Heavy-Duty Rust Terminator in Auckland

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Product Overview

Rust Remover – Effortlessly Eliminate Rust with ChemShop’s Heavy-Duty Rust Terminator, the Best in NZ!

Looking for Rust Remover? Are you tired of seeing stubborn rust stains on your metal surfaces? Do you want to restore their original shine and appearance? Look no further, ChemShop’s Rust Remover Rust Terminator is here to save the day. Use Rust Terminator for the removal of rust, tarnish, and other insoluble deposits from mild and galvanized steels, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. It also provides an effective bond for decorative or other protective coatings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effective on a variety of metal surfaces, including iron, steel, and aluminum
  • Quick-acting formula to remove rust stains within minutes
  • Easy to use, just apply, wait, and rinse
  • Safe for use on painted surfaces, does not harm or discolor the paint
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it safe for the environment

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace the power of Rust Terminator. The Rust Remover Rust Terminator offers a safe and effective solution for removing rust stains from your metal surfaces, saving you time and money. No need to call a professional, with Rust Terminator you can easily tackle rust stains in the comfort of your own home.

Usage Cases:

  • Automotive parts: engines, wheels, and undercarriages
  • Outdoor furniture: metal benches, garden tools, and equipment
  • Household appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers
  • Industrial equipment: machinery, tools, and workbenches

Don’t let rust stains ruin the appearance of your metal surfaces any longer. Order Rust Remover Rust Terminator from ChemShop today and restore the original shine and appearance of your metal surfaces. Say goodbye to ineffective rust treatments and embrace the power of ChemShop’s Rust Terminator – the best rust remover in NZ. Order yours today and enjoy a rust-free environment!


Brush application: Dilute in the ratio of 1 part Rust Terminator with up to 5 parts of water depending on the degree of contamination. Brush onto the surface and allow it to react. Rust removal may be assisted with a wire brush, steel wool, or abrasive cloth. On completion rinse with water and wipe dry.
Immersion: Dilute with water in the ratio of 1 part of Rust Terminator to 9 parts water. Soak the article for ten minutes, remove and check for reaction, and repeat the process until the desired effect is achieved.
Non-water rinsing: Where water rinsing after Rust Terminator treatment is not available or possible due to no post-treatment chemicals, methylated spirits may be used.

Dangerous Goods Classification
Shipping Name: Corrosive Liquid, Acidic, Inorganic, N.O.S
Hazard Class: 8
UN Number: UN 3264
Packing Group: II
Hazchem Code: 2R

Note: Courier companies charge an extra fee for handling Dangerous Goods which we must pass on to the customer in addition to the normal delivery charge that applies. There also can be an additional delay by courier companies shipping dangerous goods of 1-2 days over the normal delivery time.

Dangerous goods can not be shipped to Rural Delivery addresses. Please provide any non-RD address for delivery purposes.


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29 reviews for Rust Remover Rust Terminator
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  1. larry (verified owner)

    Had set of rusty socket set, 24 hrs later the set looked new again ????

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  2. alan cross (verified owner)

    Quick rust removal with rust remover. Used it on my garden equipment. Shipping to Rotorua was bit slow.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  3. harvey dixon (verified owner)

    Rust terminator is decent. Used it on my hot rod. Shipping to Levin had a slight delay. It’s okay but not super quick.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  4. Jose (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, spotless results.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  5. Jayden C (verified owner)

    Reliable chemical. Used it on my machinery. Delivery to Whanganui took 5 days

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  6. Uriel (verified owner)

    Outstanding results

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  7. A. Singh (verified owner)

    Great communication, service & fast delivery. What a fantastic product!! I cannot speak highly enough of it. Cheers team

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  8. Anthony (verified owner)

    Quick and effective solutions.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  9. Leonel (verified owner)

    Reliable email support team

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  10. Muhammad Akbar (verified owner)

    Highly recommended from Rotorua.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  11. Axel (verified owner)

    Lightning-fast email assistance

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  12. Braxton Holland (verified owner)

    Rust terminator is a solid choice. Removed rust from my metal benches.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  13. Riley (verified owner)

    My cleaning routine’s best friend

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  14. Ignacio (verified owner)

    Outstanding performance

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  15. Hector (verified owner)

    Impressed beyond measure

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  16. Gibson (verified owner)

    Cleans like magic, every time

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  17. Julius (verified owner)

    Good as gold.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  18. David (verified owner)

    Impressive results, every use.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  19. Griffin (verified owner)

    Always prompt in email replies

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  20. Ronin (verified owner)

    Effortless cleanliness achieved.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  21. Hayden (verified owner)

    The order process was efficient and smooth

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  22. Garrett (verified owner)

    High-quality results, every time

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  23. Dallas (verified owner)

    Dependable customer service via email

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  24. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Lightning fast delivery, highly satisfied

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  25. Conor (verified owner)

    Reliable shipping, no complaints

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  26. Austin Armstrong (verified owner)

    Great solution. Made my old tools look new again. Easy application. Fast shipping to Wellington. Cheers

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  27. Jacob K (verified owner)

    Rust remover is a game changer. Used it on my car’s undercarriage & outdoor furniture. Rust stains vanished like magic. Followed instructions as per the label on the bottle.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1
  28. toby west (verified owner)

    Super impressed with this product. Used it on industrial equipment & it worked like a charm. Rust gone!

    5 litres or 20 litres: 20L x 1
  29. Jacob K (verified owner)

    Rust Terminator saved my metal surfaces. This stuff is a miracle worker. Quick results & easy to use. Ordered from Christchurch & delivery was super fast.

    5 litres or 20 litres: 5L x 1

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Rust Remover Rust Terminator

$159.00 Inc. GST $99.00 Inc. GST
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